ISNP Coaching Staff 

Volleyball Coaching Staff  2019-20
Head Coach: Kevin Krause 
Coach Kevin contact:
Coach Dave contact:
Assistant Coach: David Kohler 
JV Head Coach: Char Krause
Assistant JV: Millie La Vassaur
Middle School: Amanda Masters 
Sand Volleyball Head Coach: David Kohler

​Being the largest sports program at ISNP, it is our desire for each athlete we coach to learn the fundamentals of volleyball, to grow in their own personal abilities, to be the best teammate on and off the court.

This team is a family, and we will challenge them to learn life skills that will take them beyond the game of volleyball. We want to be competitive, and learn through competition, how to overcome adversity, and be successful! 


Baseball Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Steve Saborse 


Assistant Coaches:

Lou Tutino, Roman Villasenor, Jon Waterhouse, Steve Lorenz, Clay Call, and Hayden Gardner

My objectives for the upcoming year. 
1- to continue and improve teams over all GPA by continuing to preach the importance academics and see if we can't get more of our players on National honor society. 
2- to get more involved in our community. We current start strong with assisting with the local little league On opening day. My plan is to offer a couple free camps for the youth in our community utilizing our upper classman. 
3- improve varsity record. Strive to be at least 500 and finish second in districts. The reality of our schedule is tough as we will continue to play bigger competition and not just schedule small teams as in my opinion not good for the over all success of the entire program. 
4- to build Middle school program as they are the future of the program. 
5- to keep the tradition of being a family oriented program where players look to their coaches as true mentors and go to adults.

-Coach Saborse

Cross Country Coaching Staff:

Head Boys& Girls Coach: Rich Esposito 

Because each athlete will have different reasons for participation and different commitments outside of athletics, not everyone will possess the identical commitment level to the sport – and that is acceptable. However, while there are many valid reasons for participation, striving for athletic improvement must be on every athlete’s list. Every member must share a commitment to pursue personal best efforts if we are to be a unified cross country team.  It is our belief that a desired byproduct of this struggle will be the development of character traits which will dramatically aid our athletes not just on the field, but in all areas of life.

Girls Basketball Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: ASIA ROPER


Assistant Coaches: 

Jeff Dormil, Shombre Ricketts, & Rob Rassbach

My goals with the program are to help develop young women, student athletes,  and students of the game. I want to teach the ladies the basics to the game and life; when they understand those, their confidence as a player and a person will grow. 

Bachelors Degree in Human Services and Psychology, William Penn University 


Girls Soccer Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Derek Sauline 

Assistant Coach: Samantha Sauline


 We have been married for over 16 years and have two children. We played soccer competitively growing up which ignited a passion to coach. We have enjoyed coaching together for the past 8 years. We believe in providing an environment that is positive, fun, energetic, competitive, and built on respect.   Our commitment to this team is to build the character of the individual by developing a competitive environment for the girls to learn and grow from. We want them to achieve excellence and success not just in the game but in academics and for life itself.  GO LADY SHARKS!!!

Boys Soccer Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Tony Freitas



Asst. Coach- Adam Freias

 My Goal is to take the Imagine Sharks Boys Soccer Program to the next level. This will take hard work and commitment from the Coaches as well as the players. I always preach to my players that excelling in the classroom and on the soccer field go hand in hand to be successful. The atmosphere created here will be one that I want the team/players to always remember as they move on to the next chapter of their life.     

Boy's Basketball Coaching Staff:

Head Coach:  Zach Moore

Asst. Coach: Kevin Andrade

Asst. Coach: Rob Wagoner  

I believe coaching starts with my attitude. Attitude is something we all control, and I teach my players that too. Next is the ability to listen. All great leaders are great listeners, and I want my team to be the same way. Lastly it comes down to work ethic. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done? There are so many things that we want to teach our players, but when they are done with their time with me, I want them to take those three traits with them.

Wrestling Coaching Staff:

   Head Coach- Stuart Heintz

     Asst. Coach-TBD


The real work is done by these student-athletes.  As Coach, I am simply here to guide them on their journey. Hard work and dedication, beyond the confines of normal practice, determines their success, and I am fortunate to share in their victories and help them grow through their defeats.

Boys and Girls Weightlifting

Head Coach: Amber Maksymiak

Asst Coach: Scott Burt

Volunteer Coach: Jaime Ramos

 My goal for our Lady Shark lifters is to instill confidence and healthy habits that they will benefit from for their entire lives. It is my hope that they learn they are capable of accomplishing difficult tasks and pushing through uncomfortable situations. Through hard work and dedication, our athletes will learn to be self-motivated and accountable. 

Middle School Coed Soccer

Head Coach Jamie Chavarria 

Asst. Coach Keshia Haughton



My goal is to develop not just the skills of the player in soccer but to develop character, self-worth, compassion and integrity. To learn life lessons from soccer which includes how to overcome obstacles, such as bouncing back from a mistake in the first half or not being in your position to assist. This will help each player for their future in education, employment and anything else that comes at them in life. 

-Coach Jamie

Flag Football Coaching Staff




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K-8 Cheerleading Coaching Staff:


   Asst. Coach: 



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